Commercial Intelligence and global business
Information management and international relations to identify new markets, strategic partners and business opportunities.
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Proactive business interaction

Strategic synergies to expand business opportunities

Commercial Intelligence is the quintessential means to explore the unmet needs and trends of a given market.

We can define it as the process of detecting, collecting, analyzing and distributing accurate and relevant intelligence about products, customers, competitors, business environment, government agencies and the organization itself, based on information obtained from open sources.

Its adequate performance will have a direct impact on the strategies, tactics, decisions and operations of the organization, in order to target its international commercial expansion.

Strategic liaison management and corporate public relations aimed at opening new markets are a natural part of the business intelligence development of successful organizations.

Representation of Interests

Commercial Expansion

High Value Institutional Relationships

Strategic Liaisons Management


Business Consulting

Comprehensive diagnosis, planning, development and monitoring of innovative business strategies.

Strategic Finance

Creating value through the efficient use of financial resources.